Feelin’ It

I left my last law school final at noon today and immediately did a cartwheel. I ran to hug two of my very dear friends and yelled an enthusiastic WOO! I’M DONE! I threw in a cheerleader kick for good measure, and because even after three years of professional school, it’s still something I feel like doing.

I. feel. incredible.

Like, out of my mind euphoric. I feel like I want to hug and kiss and high five and butt slap and fist pound every person I see. Because whatever it is that’s going on inside of me I want to spread it around. I want to walk up to total strangers and tell them, “trust me, you need some of this.”

I can’t even remember the last time I felt this kind of in-your-face-explosive-excitement.

Maybe never.

For the first time since this all started three years ago I’m letting myself sink into it. All of the stories of negativity and resistance are evaporating in the heat of “holy crap I did it!”Today it doesn’t matter whether law school was right or wrong for me. Today it doesn’t matter how the rest of my life turns out. Because it happened. Exactly the way it did. Without judging it, or qualifying it, or diminishing the weight of the accomplishment, I am feeling it.

And it feels good.

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