Called Out.

Nothing lights me up more than friendship with bold, powerful women. The kind who don’t take shit from anyone, who want a life of humor and adventure and no-less-than-absolutely-fucking-awesome. The ones who call it like they see it, shoot straight, walk the talk, be the change, play big, go hard, sprint to the finish.

So. Lyndsey Fryer, you got me.

This beautiful bad-ass challenged me to dust off my keyboard and write something, immediately.

8 questions to celebrate my blog and my life and our partnership. Lyndsey is pure soul and creativity. She is the reason I had the courage to leave my lawyer job and join her team at lululemon. I knew if she was a part of something, it had to be the real deal.

And I was right.

Here’s to you Lynds, and all of the other exceptional women in my life who show up and demand the best of me, all of the time.

1. What do you want to be known for?

My leadership. Even when I was little I had the sense I was destined for a big life. Like the first woman President or Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. People followed me, even when I was really young. In my teens, and early twenties, I felt great pride in my powerfulness. I felt I could walk into a room and own it, like I was the only voice in the room that mattered and the only perspective people listened to.

A little older and a tiny bit more humble, I think of my leadership differently. I want to be the woman who opens space for other women to find their power and share their perspective. I want people to remember me as a woman who made them better, smarter, more capable, who made their voice stronger, and elevated their potential.

I want to live a big life, not for the bigness of it, but for the bigness it creates in others.

2. What inspires you most about others?

Vulnerability. And selflessness.

3. Share something you are proud of?

Camp have-a-lot-of-Fun. My best friend Amy and I built an empire. From the awkwardness and insecurity of 40 strangers, most of them teenagers, we created a beautiful, loving family where everyone is accepted and celebrated exactly as they are. My CHALOF kids (who are now, in many cases, adults) remind me what we are all capable of when we choose laughter over judgement, courage over fear, love, above all else.

4. A snapshot of my life in 5 years.

It’s a Friday in April and I’m on my front porch drinking strong coffee as the sun comes up. I’m wrapped in three blankets and a down jacket because I’m still not used to this “not California” cold. I’m waiting for my mega-babe boyfriend to bust through the back door, sweaty and sexy from an early morning mountain run. He’ll fix up a delicious, organic breakfast and I’ll wonder how I fed myself properly before him.

I didn’t.

In an hour, I’ll head to the airport. I’m flying to London for my dream job as a training manager at lululemon. My mom will call me on the way to reminisce about my childhood as “the worst flyer on the planet,” as she marvels at my traveling career.

She does it every time.

Life when I’m home is beautiful and simple. We hike and ski and play soccer. We cook and dance and laugh, constantly. My boyfriend is manly and sweet and insanely smart and I when we argue,  I never let him forget that “I used to be a lawyer,” even if I barely remember it.

5. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given and by whom?

Before I went to law school, I met all of these incredible, older women in the Sacramento yoga community. For a year and a half I was surrounded by power and grace and wisdom and my whole life is better for it.

One of these lady goddesses once told me, about tough decisions: “You’ll never know before you make a decision whether it’s the right one or the wrong one. In most cases, you won’t ever know. The important thing is, you make it. Commit to something, and be brave.”

Christine was brilliant and successful and always grounded me in “what I already know.”

6. What’s the best/worst purchase you ever made

Best: My law prom dress my third year of law school. It was a magical night the memories from which are still so alive I can smell them. It was so perfect and so awesome I don’t even feel bad about the ridiculousness of attending a “law prom” in the first place.  I didn’t buy the dress. I rented it. But that night I owned it, all the way.

Worst: So many tanning booth packages and tiny tanning goggles.

I used to hide the goggles in the center console of my red 4runner because my mom would lock me up if she found them.

I want to die just thinking about it.

7. What word makes you cringe?


I loathe myself for grammar snobbery.

8. What is your signature dance move?

My signature dance move is that I’m the first on the floor and the last one to leave it. Having a wedding? Worried about awkward social guests and on a limited liquor budget? Invite ME! I dance my ass of under all circumstances and drink very little. I can lighten up even the most serious, sober crowd. I think I was an NBA mascot in a past life and I’ve got the energy to prove it.

Find me here. On Facebook. Email me or just show up where I live.

Down to travel. Will bring my own date.


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