A quick note about Curt Schilling

What happened with Curt Schilling could teach republicans about what’s happening in their party right now, if they choose to look up from the chaos, and pay attention.


Here’s a middle aged white guy slash former professional athlete who, largely because of those descriptors, has been able to do and say whatever the hell he thinks and wants to his entire life.  I genuinely believe him that he doesn’t understand why he’s being punished and that he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. He’s doing and saying the same way, and same things, he’s been doing and saying forever without consequence. I get why it’s weird, or uncomfortable or even baffling that what went essentially unnoticed two, or three, or five years ago, is suddenly a cause for not only negative publicity but losing his job. It has to be a weird experience to be a particular way for almost 50 years and then wake up one day and suddenly be unemployed because of it.


But here’s the thing: We no longer live in a world where it’s acceptable to be outright racist, and homophobic and sexist (thank goodness). Mainstream culture has tipped just enough towards progressive for us to collectively generate a value system that prioritizes inclusivity, and equality over the ability for people to say and do whatever the fuck they want without consequence (thank goodness, again).


Not only that, the doing and saying of all sorts of horrifying and offensive things is no longer insulated, or easily contained to a person’s intimate circle of college buddies or misogynist co-workers. It’s safe to assume that if you have even so much as a big toe in the ring of public life, everything you say and do will be broadcast everywhere, pretty much as soon as you say or do it.


By the way, now is not the time I intend to debate the myriad pros and cons of this fact of our modern, bizarre, life. For purposes of this unsolicited advisory, I just accept it.


So, republican party leaders and conservatives in general, here’s the deal: You can continue to long for the good-old-days when: gays were living marginalized, less-than-full lives in the closet, and women were just happy to have a seat at the table and therefore not going to push any boundaries by asking for equal treatment (and pay), and all of us who have never been young african-american men in an encounter with a law enforcement officer had no access to what that experience might be like (I could go on)- and continue to be ignored or outright rejected by a new majority of people who have moved on with the evolution of our country’s culture.




you can acknowledge what’s really happening, and adjust your words and behavior and policies and practices to embrace the world we really live in and the people who are really living in it.


You are the metaphorical 49 year old man who has been making off-color jokes for 30 years and is finally being punished for them.


This is not the world you grew up in. It’s not even the world you lived in a year, or six months ago.


For god’s sake, TMZ was the first news outlet to break the news that Prince died.


TMZ. Not your local news anchor, not the New York Times, not even CNN.


By the time you read about it in the paper tomorrow, something else will have already captured our national attention.

The world will have moved on. And so should you.

One thought on “A quick note about Curt Schilling

  1. Yes. So much of what passes for Republican Party leadership these days seems to be the dying gasps of the white male power position. They are trying desperately to hold on to something that simply does not exist in this country anymore. And good riddance.

    What’s scary though is through their use of fear tactics and the riches that fund them, they continue to convince a lot of people they are worthy of their votes.

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